documentary / 65’ / 2018


With its massive immigrant population, Switzerland has always been a place of a double search: first, how is the country’s DNA evolving as it constantly redefines itself? Second, how do these foreigners articulate their search for identity in the midst of uncertainty and constant need to define the “self” in tangible terms? “Zvicra” (which means "Switzerland" in Albanian) highlights the complexity of lost and rediscovered identities in Switzerland, a country that is destined to adapt to ever-increasing population arrivals. The film tackles the question through 7 Albanian characters whose community is one of the most important of the country.

Graphic design : Antoine Brack
Produced by Visceral Films, Cause
Directed by Fisnik Maxville & Benoît Goncerut
Edited by Jules Guarneri
Cinematography Jules Guarneri, Nikola Sanz, Fisnik Maxville
Music by Boris Gétaz
Colorist Guillaume Brandt
Audio mix Marc Staedler
Zvicra is now available on VoD. Click here to watch it on dafilms.com.

This film was broadcast on RTS 1 on June 10th 2020.