The Wonder Way

documentary / 96’ / 2023

Produced by Intermezzo Films, Rubis Films, Radio Télévision Suisse
Directed by Emmanuelle Antille
Written by Emmanuelle Antille
Cinematography Emmanuelle Antille, Jules Guarneri, Sayaka Mizuno, Carmen Jaquier
Edited by Emmanuelle Antille, Natascha De Grandi, Laurence Vaes
Music by Christian Pahud
Sound recordist Malika Pellicioli


How to create a world of your own? How to push back the limits of your imagination? An exploration in search of extraordinary territories, terrestrial or celestial paradises, intriguing and uncharted. A journey out of time, seeking encounters with those who imagine other worlds within this world. A breath of freedom towards the most striking universes.