Le Film de mon père

documentary / 73’ / 2022


Le Film de mon père is my first film. The one my father always dreamt I would make. And perhaps, that’s the issue. One day he bought a video camera and started filming himself daily. His goal: to offer me this autobiographical footage in order for me to make my first film. The diary of a lonely widower, living with my adopted brother and sister on the family property "La Belle Poule". I film my father, his desire to transmit, my sister avoiding him, my brother trying to find his own way. And me, in the middle of it all, making a film as an inevitable step to move on from my youth.

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Intermezzo Films
Luc Peter
Katia Monla
Jules Guarneri
Jules Guarneri
Arnaud Robert
Jules Guarneri
Myriam Rachmuth
Jules Guarneri
Gabriel Bonnefoy
Louis Jucker
Marc Staedler
Benjamin Benoit
Valentin Dupanloup
April 2022




24H, Avril 2022
Y a pas d’âge - L’illustré, 11.05.2022
Kulturstammtisch, 17.04.2022

With the support of : Federal Office of Culture (FOC)
With the participation of Cinéforom and the support of the Loterie Romande
SUISSIMAGE Cultural Foundation
RTS Radio Télévision Suisse, Unité Fiction Documentaires et Séries originales - Steven Artels et Bettina Hoffmann

Distribution Suisse : First Hand Films
Ventes internationales : Taskovski Films

More information : www.lefilmdemonpere.ch