Des aigles au-dessus de la tête

documentary / 19’ / 2019


Mitch is approaching his fifties but has kept the rebellious spirit of his adolescence. In a constant quest for freedom, he prepares his « survival bike » and plays heavy metal at the foot of the Grand Muveran, in the Chablais region. The perception of his environment changes when his friend Serge, a biker from the God’s Squad, shows him how to play the Native American flute.

Photo: Yann Gross
Images courtesy the artist

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Sound editor
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Release date
Running time
Yann Gross
Jules Guarneri
Basile Belkhiri
Gabriel Porier
Frédéric Goncerut
Lucas Héberlé
Gaël Eleon
Alexandre Delillez
September 2019
15min (TV)
19min (Cinema)

Des aigles au-dessus de la tête is an episode of the Hobbies collection produced by Superstructure and ZED.

This short film premiered on Canal+ on September 30th 2019 and is available here.